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Use the social sharing tools, #4GRxANTED and @4GRxANTED, at the end of your video to make this campaign viral. Remember every social likes, comments or shares of any post or video with the hashtag #4GRxANTED counts toward donations!

If your family, friends or organization wants to get involved here are some information to get them started.


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Have you thought about how you feel today? There are so many little things we all take for granted every day, that our lives would be vastly different without. Like the air we breathe, the clean water we drink and the medicines we rely on to manage our health. Share who or what you take for granted and your participation will result in the donation of medicines to treat underserved patients through Direct Relief.  Visit to get started. @AccessibleMeds @DirectRelief @4GRxANTED

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Keep the giving going! I just shared something that I took #4GRxANTED which will result in donation of medicines to treat underserved patients through Direct Relief. Now you can help too by just liking, commenting or sharing this post or by creating your own story at   @AccessibleMeds @DirectRelief @4GRxANTED

Keep the giving going! Every like, comment, and share on this #4GRxANTED video will result in donations of medicine to treat underserved patients through Direct Relief. Learn more and record your story at @AccessibleMeds @DirectRelief @4GRxANTED 


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Generic Industry #4GRxANTED Campaign – Share Your Story

Like the air we breathe and the water we drink, health is fundamental to everything in life, and generic medicines, (a/k/a GRx) are fundamental to everyone’s health and the viability of our healthcare system. Nine out of every 10 prescriptions filled in the United States are for generic medicines, yet they account for only 18 percent of drug spending and only 3 percent of overall health care spending. While touching the health of millions of Americans, this essential, but often overlooked, industry is at risk from anti-competitive practices, perverse market distortions and misguided public policies.

To bring the role that generics play in Americans’ everyday lives to the forefront, the #4GRxANTED campaign asks people to  record a video or share a story explaining who or what in their lives they take for granted but shouldn’t, and post it on social media. For every video created or shared with the hashtag #4GRxANTED, an individual will be acknowledged through donations of generic medicine to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that provides medical assistance to people affected by poverty or emergencies.


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Your share makes a difference

The action of creating, liking, commenting or sharing a video with the hashtag #4GRxANTED will prompt a donation of generic medicine from the industry to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that provides medical assistance to people affected by poverty or emergencies. With a robust and far-reaching humanitarian network, Direct Relief will ensure the donations are delivered promptly to the communities that need them most.

Follow @4GRxANTED on social media and like, comment and share on other people’s posts to increase your donations.